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Zadine is a network centric B2B platform, designed specifically for small & medium businesses in India. It brings traders, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers in India on to a single platform. With real insights into active trends, and great B2B features, Zadine brings to them the power of technology to scale & nurture their business. To get started with Zadine, you need to download Zadine App, and register your business. Once registered, you will have access to all the trades and selections from sellers from all over India.

You can download Zadine App from Android and iOS play stores or by visiting https://zadine.in/app on your mobile .

Yes, you can buy and sell through both Zadine App and website
You can register with your mobile number and OTP. Once you have put the mobile number and OTP, registration process will start. Being a B2B platform, the only requirement to register with Zadine is that you own or work at a business or a shop. Given the trade oriented nature of the transactions, end consumers will not find enough value on Zadine.
How do I buy / trade on Zadine?
  • Go to ‘Search’ tab search for your product requirements. We have tried our best to create a set of pre-defined searches that can quickly get you to a wide variety of products available on Zadine.
  • In the same tab, you can also search for sellers (such as manufacturers, wholesalers, distributers) and chat with them to explore their selection.
You can simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button to buy the shown product. Once you have pressed the Buy button, you need to select the quantity of available variants or sets of the product. The product will be added to your cart.
AccordionMOQ is Minimum Order Quantity. MOQ is set by sellers and can be different for different products / listings. A buyer needs to purchase at least the mentioned MOQ to continue the trade. Please chat with seller to understand if he is willing to allow the trade of her product at a lower MOQ.Content
MOV stands for Minimum Order Value. MOV applies at a single order per seller basis. Sellers put MOV to ensure a minimum business per order per buyer. Please chat with seller to negotiate MOV for your order.
You can purchase through prepaid options like UPI, Netbanking, Debit or Credit Car or you can pay by cash once the order is delivered to you. There is provision to purchase the products on credit but it is available on few sellers. Please reach out to Zadine Support to check if you can avail credit for your purchase(s).
As a buyer, you need not worry about arranging courier or any 3rd party couriers to pickup and deliver your order. Zadine Logistics arranges for the order to be picked up and delivered to the buyers
As a buyer, you are liable to pay for the courier services. Please check the Review Order Page to get an estimate of the logistics charges. You can also refer to our rate card to understand cost to courier goods between different parts of India.
Courier charges are required to be paid along with the payment for the order to the seller. You can check the shipping / logistics charges on the order page.
It depends on where the seller is shipping from and what is the buyer’s location. Usually, interstate deliveries take anywhere between 7-10 days while within the state can happen within a week. Please check with Zadine Support to understand how long will it take to get your order.
You can see all your orders in ‘My Orders’ screen.
You can track the status of your order from My Orders page. Click on any order to see it’s details.
Accordion Right now all couriers are taken care by Zadine Logistics. Having said that, we are working on finding more solutions to help suit your needs. For any special request, do reach out to the seller or Zadine Support.
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